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2011/01/02(日) 20:40 Comiket venue, in the large matrix, but the TV broadcast bowel disturbance

Japan's Comiket lining up early for the line, not even time to go to the bathroom Shit happens to people how Morashita had endured not go to the bathroom I have broadcast TV stationsName 6: Desperation Posted Nameless: 20101231 Fri 14:26:51 ID: dGamiR o0 1 4 Liquefied Sugidaro It's expected of me I can sympathize 28 Name: Desperation Posted Nameless: 20101231 Fri 14:33:32 ID: 7j9Qm

2011/01/02(日) 20:32 "Winter Comiket" Summary of costume pictures naked little naughty

2010 "Komi"Winter is the introduction of a naughty girl found in costume The camera will be taken to disguise their amateur girls Is a kind of photo session Everyone, Do you know the name of the characterOriginal article citation

2010/12/30(木) 20:38 The state of the comics market 20101229

Twice a year in Japan, "anime" is a celebration August and December each year there Where the anime "hentai"comics and stationery are sold and Fans from all over Japan come to Tokyohttp:bloglivedoorjpinsidearsarchives52415257html



  Current Japanese situation